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Air conditioner and electrical isolator: things to know

One of the important components of an air conditioner is the electrical isolator switch. Shaped like an inverted letter V’, an electrical isolator is a switching device used for reliably cutting off current and isolating a circuit when the air conditioner needs maintenance and the repair work is going on.

Why is an electrical isolator highly recommended by experts?

To help you understand, we share with you useful insights that you should know about air conditioners and electrical isolators:

Why is an electrical isolator needed for air conditioners?

While installing air conditioners often many professionals hardwire the unit directly to the main switchboard. Though this meets the industry standards, it is not considered completely safe. An electrical isolator

  • reduces the risk of electrical problems by allowing you to cut off power to a particular circuit while maintenance or repair work is going on.
  • allows air conditioners to be disconnected during situations such as thunderstorms or lightning strikes, thus protecting the air conditioning system from damage.
  • prevents home safety switches from tripping frequently in the case of a faulty air conditioning system. The isolator disconnects the power supply from the unit the minute it runs into any unintended electrical path.

Where is an electrical isolator installed?

An electrical isolator is installed on the outdoor units of the air conditioner. This is done to protect the air conditioner against thunderstorms and lightning. At the time of adverse weather conditions, an electrical isolator can be disengaged to protect the air conditioning system.

What is the main advantage of getting an electrical isolator installed in the air conditioner?

  • As mentioned earlier, having an electrical isolator switch installed in your air conditioner prevents it from being tripped constantly by electrical faults.
  • In the absence of an electrical isolator, the main switch of the air conditioner will have to be switched. This will also affect the services of the other appliances connected to the main switch. With an electrical isolator, power can be disconnected to fix any faults without any service interruptions on other electrical systems.

Is an electrical isolator the same as a circuit breaker?

They both are electrical safety devices but they are useful on different occasions. While a circuit breaker functions when there’s overloading or a short circuit, an electrical isolator is used during maintenance or repair work.

Where to buy electrical isolators?

At RR Switchgear, we offer a wide range of electrical isolators. They are designed to meet the international standards of safety and quality. Our electrical isolators conform to IS/IES 60898-1


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