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H03 / H05V2V2H2-F & H03 / H05V2V2-F
H03 / H05V2V2H2-F & H03 / H05V2V2-F - RR Kabel

H03 / H05V2V2H2-F & H03 / H05V2V2-F

Used in connections of household appliances and internal wiring purposes with high ambient temperatures and humid spaces

BS EN 50525-2-11.

Nominal Voltage :300 / 500V (H05V2V2H2-F / H05V2V2-F); 300 / 300V (H03V2V2H2-F / H03V2V2-F)

Insulation Resistance :Min. 20 GΩ x cm

Temperature Range :

Flexing -5°C to +90°C.

Fixed Installation : -30°C to +90°C

Fixed Installation 5 x cable ø

Minimum Bending Radius:

Flexing 7.5 x cable ø; Fixed installation 4 x cable ø

Test Voltage : 4000V

Breakdown Voltage : Min. 8000V

Bare copper, fine wire conductors, as per EN 60228 Cl.5

PVC core insulation TI3, to EN 50363-3

Harmonised core colour to HD 308 (Refer Appendix Table No. 1-1)

Cores stranded in layers with optimal lay-length

PVC outer sheath TM3, to EN 50363-4.1

PVC self-extinguishing and flame retardant according to EN 60332-1-2

Refer to the brochure for more details.

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