Salasar Copper

Salasar Copper (RR Shramik) is a part of RR Global which is one of the leading conglomerates in the electrical & copper industry. 

The group’s business sectors encompass manufacturing a wide range products for residential, commercial, industrial & infrastructure purposes.

RR Shramik is the 2nd largest manufacturer of super enameled copper winding wires in India. Over 25 years, RR Shramik has been enjoying unflinching patronage of its valued customers and is an established name in the Indian Electrical Industries for its quality & consistency.

RR Shramik offers a range of high quality winding wires, high quality Paper Covered Strips, Enamelled aluminum Wire, Copper strips, Superfine winding wires, Submersible Winding Wires & Flat cables. Anti Corona Triple coated wires are the latest addition to our regular range of modified polyester F-Class, H-Class, Dual Coated, H+ Class wires and self-soldering C-class range. Anti Corona has the advantage of resisting electrical pulses, thereby prolonging the life of enameled wire.

Ram Ratna Wires Ltd, a UL certified ISO -9001:2000 company The products are manufactured at India's first dust-free winding wire manufacturing facilities, Salsar Copper, situated at Silvassa. All products are manufatured using 99.97% oxygen free copper. The 2 manufacturing units are equipped with the high-tech machineries, NIEHOFF (Germany) & ITALIA IMPIANTI (Italy), employ world-class technology are installed to get produce high quality products.

RR SHRAMIK is an immensely popular brand of winding wires preferred by leading public and private sector industries in the country, mainly Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). RR SHRAMIK range spells trust in every aspect, production to quality control to distribution and customer relationship.


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