R B Jain


Q1. How would you describe the work environment/culture at RR Global?

At RR Global, we have wonderful work environment where one can achieve highest level of his professional field by making continuous improvement and by improving his/her professional efficiency. Top management always cares for the team members who are performing well/ have good potentials to grow. 

Q2. What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

I consider myself as having very active and major role is growing journey of RR Kabel in particular and RR Global in general. From beginning of turnover of Rs. 10 Crores in year 2000, we are at level of Rs. 1700 crores in year 2017, I contributed actively towards factory management, costing aspect and regular legal compliances. 

Above this, getting treatment like family member from promoter is best part of RR Global culture which give long term bonding and dedicated working from team members.  

Q3. How has RR Global helped you develop your career?

I have been working with RR Global since July 2000. I started my job as Manager – Accounts and now working as Chief Financial officer (CFO) & Director of RR Kabel Limited, indicates my growth journey. I got best growth in terms of responsibilities, authorities and my personal monetary rewards.

Q4. Your most memorable event/incidence in the company which you always cherish.

I have experienced many moments during my journey with RR Global which are part of my happy life. 

I feel blessed when I get compliments from Sh. Bapuji and Bhaiji that I also have major role in success of RR Kabel. When I see that RR Global is getting acknowledged/getting awards and doing very good at revenue levels also, I feel thrilled.  


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