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Fire & Security Cables

Fire and Security cables are categorized into 3 categories – Fire Alarm Cable, Fire Survival Cable, Single core Fire resistant cable.

FIRE ALARM CABLES are used for connection with heat detectors, smoke detectors, emergency lights, exit signboards, fire command centres and fire security systems. These cables have a metal foil shield to ensure a disturbance-free transmission of signals. These cables are made as per BS 7629-1 and tested as per EN 50200 and BS 8434 standards. They are categorized into STANDARD 30, STANDARD 60 & ENHANCED 120 depending upon their withstanding durations.

FIRE SURVIVAL CABLES are armoured cables used for power circuits in the fire panels. These are made as per BS 7846 and complies with CWZ test conditions at 950°C.

Single-core cables are designed as per BS 50525-3-41 to maintain the circuit integrity even in fire situations.

All the above cables have to be used with complete halogen-free construction.

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